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Been in Norway for over a day now. Still don’t know what the Fox says…

Arrived in NORWAY last night. Love it.

The thing about Norway is, at least where I am staying (Southwest), everything is beautiful. From the picturesque walkways, to the bellowing clouds on the gloomiest days, everything is distinctly fresh and yet old.
The fresh air makes it hard to believe that such a thing as global warming exists. Perhaps this is why everyone here seems to exist in a distinct manner. European yes, but relaxed and yet modern.

This morning, my new acquaintances walked me and my friend/boss Deadly Knitshade of London, around the the nearby beach.
We were able to see a small portion of Thai beautiful country. Some of the things we saw were, an Alien and Predator memorial, a pyramid styled Nepal to seaman in both World Wars, and a mini-sub. All of which is located within walking distance of a town whose population is only 5,000.

Staying for two more days ten back to London until the 15th.

Be safe and have fun out there!