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North Carolina

Being born somewhere is just about the worst way to learn to love it. Like being forced to wear a certain kind of shoes everyday for the length of your high school career. It would be an inescapable part of your identity, yet a constant reminder what you will change once you get the chance to buy your own shoes, no matter how expensive the shoes your mom bought were!
Okay so drawn out examples aside, being born North Carolina is like that. As a child it’s hard to go outside to the crisp cool mornings of early spring in the Tar-heel state and think “wow I’m so incredibly blessed”. From the beautiful outer banks and gorgeous leaves of fall in the western mountains, we Carolinians forget or ignore the beauty just outside.
Being blessed to be able to visit London this past year. I tried to take in as much of the “old country” as possible. I couldn’t sleep well, fearing I had missed a small detail I would regret later. However, after spending nearly a month over seas. I found myself to be so relieved as the plane flew over the misty hills of North Carolina in November. I know think I have been so blessed, though I still love traveling and leaving the “Upper Carolina” state, now it’s partly because I can’t wait to be reminded of the beauty I was raised around.