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Reverse Shoppology

Went shopping today at a very well known store whose name shall remain known only as, Macy’s.
While I shopped (or looked, because at the moment I’m rather broke) I kept coming across the same sign (below) over and over again. It’s reads “Free shipping with purchases over 50.”
Seems like a great deal right? I mean, come on, buy half of a Ralph Lauren Polo at full price and you got that Pratt 4 dollars worth of shipping nailed!
I sit here wondering, why don’t they do free shipping for all purchases under 50 dollars. Hey, I might buy something just because it sounds like such a refreshing idea.



People Who?

We all go through our lives seeing other people do things and quietly judging them.
Don’t deny it. Just think about the last time you went out to buy some new cloths. How many very simple, Sherlock inspired conclusions did you put onto your fellow patrons of Gap or wherever you buy your threads!
Now think about how everyone is doing his to you. Depressing yes?
Don’t worry guys and gals. The only thing that can change someone’s day to the better is you.