How Napoleon Dynamite Made Being Cool, Not Cool.

We all see it. Turn on the television, go to the movies or listen to a pop song. It’s almost all about being some kind of “cool” and, if you listen to rap, having multiple women of various ethnic backgrounds in your bed.
Pop culture has for many, many years bombarded us from every angle with a single message be cool.

Thankfully, among all of the Die Hard movies, countless reruns of realities shows on MTV, and infomercials promising that perfect bikini body (as a guy I never really needed that), arose the solution.
Enter Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. Two unlikely heroes whose rise to small town happiness in Idaho has inspired more than constant quotation in high school classrooms.
What really made Napoleon Dynamite so great, wasn’t the simple and often awkward jokes, or the just silly pretext of the entire story. No, Napoleon’s story actually helped inspired kids. And not just to eat hash browns out of their pockets in class.
The idea that the “cool kids” aren’t really that cool, that being being part of a lame family isn’t that bad, and that liking unicorns is okay, was totally new to me. I remember in high school, how much Napoleon Dynamite helped me laugh off all the pressures I faced. That’s why it’s so great. Films that celebrate being a little lame.
Now, even my sports addicted “little” brother who can dunk over me, would rather quote lines from the movie than take about his Nikes.
So I feel it helped a little bit.


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