To London!

I’M IN LONDON. My (sorta) mother land!

Hello all,
I’m very sorry for my absence. I’ve been rather busy. As of today, I have been in London for 3 days. Oh, how I love it. Been to a splendid wedding, walked around until 4 am and met some wonderful people in the mix of it all. I will have devote a post to each of the 3 strange things that have happened to me so far. But suffice to say, I’ve met an amazing, but not *yet* famous musician, a madly in love couple from Egypt, and had a crazy time getting into this country.

Speak to you soon, make each day differently and traumatically splendid!

By the way, someone pointed out that the car in the picture was making a mess of all rules. Funny I didn’t notice at the time! But the guy in the suit looks very cool with his unhealthy fag.




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