North Carolina

Being born somewhere is just about the worst way to learn to love it. Like being forced to wear a certain kind of shoes everyday for the length of your high school career. It would be an inescapable part of your identity, yet a constant reminder what you will change once you get the chance to buy your own shoes, no matter how expensive the shoes your mom bought were!
Okay so drawn out examples aside, being born North Carolina is like that. As a child it’s hard to go outside to the crisp cool mornings of early spring in the Tar-heel state and think “wow I’m so incredibly blessed”. From the beautiful outer banks and gorgeous leaves of fall in the western mountains, we Carolinians forget or ignore the beauty just outside.
Being blessed to be able to visit London this past year. I tried to take in as much of the “old country” as possible. I couldn’t sleep well, fearing I had missed a small detail I would regret later. However, after spending nearly a month over seas. I found myself to be so relieved as the plane flew over the misty hills of North Carolina in November. I know think I have been so blessed, though I still love traveling and leaving the “Upper Carolina” state, now it’s partly because I can’t wait to be reminded of the beauty I was raised around.


How Napoleon Dynamite Made Being Cool, Not Cool.

We all see it. Turn on the television, go to the movies or listen to a pop song. It’s almost all about being some kind of “cool” and, if you listen to rap, having multiple women of various ethnic backgrounds in your bed.
Pop culture has for many, many years bombarded us from every angle with a single message be cool.
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Been in Norway for over a day now. Still don’t know what the Fox says…

Arrived in NORWAY last night. Love it.

The thing about Norway is, at least where I am staying (Southwest), everything is beautiful. From the picturesque walkways, to the bellowing clouds on the gloomiest days, everything is distinctly fresh and yet old.
The fresh air makes it hard to believe that such a thing as global warming exists. Perhaps this is why everyone here seems to exist in a distinct manner. European yes, but relaxed and yet modern.

This morning, my new acquaintances walked me and my friend/boss Deadly Knitshade of London, around the the nearby beach.
We were able to see a small portion of Thai beautiful country. Some of the things we saw were, an Alien and Predator memorial, a pyramid styled Nepal to seaman in both World Wars, and a mini-sub. All of which is located within walking distance of a town whose population is only 5,000.

Staying for two more days ten back to London until the 15th.

Be safe and have fun out there!



To London!

I’M IN LONDON. My (sorta) mother land!

Hello all,
I’m very sorry for my absence. I’ve been rather busy. As of today, I have been in London for 3 days. Oh, how I love it. Been to a splendid wedding, walked around until 4 am and met some wonderful people in the mix of it all. I will have devote a post to each of the 3 strange things that have happened to me so far. But suffice to say, I’ve met an amazing, but not *yet* famous musician, a madly in love couple from Egypt, and had a crazy time getting into this country.

Speak to you soon, make each day differently and traumatically splendid!

By the way, someone pointed out that the car in the picture was making a mess of all rules. Funny I didn’t notice at the time! But the guy in the suit looks very cool with his unhealthy fag.



Reverse Shoppology

Went shopping today at a very well known store whose name shall remain known only as, Macy’s.
While I shopped (or looked, because at the moment I’m rather broke) I kept coming across the same sign (below) over and over again. It’s reads “Free shipping with purchases over 50.”
Seems like a great deal right? I mean, come on, buy half of a Ralph Lauren Polo at full price and you got that Pratt 4 dollars worth of shipping nailed!
I sit here wondering, why don’t they do free shipping for all purchases under 50 dollars. Hey, I might buy something just because it sounds like such a refreshing idea.


People Who?

We all go through our lives seeing other people do things and quietly judging them.
Don’t deny it. Just think about the last time you went out to buy some new cloths. How many very simple, Sherlock inspired conclusions did you put onto your fellow patrons of Gap or wherever you buy your threads!
Now think about how everyone is doing his to you. Depressing yes?
Don’t worry guys and gals. The only thing that can change someone’s day to the better is you.